Sir Henry Radley's Company of Foote

Re Enacting the English Civil War.


James the musketeer

Company C.O Major Christophe Bodkin




Major Christophe Bodkin






My name is Christophe Bodkin, the commanding officer for Sir Henry Radley's Company part of the King's Lifeguard Regiment of Foote.

The King's Lifeguard is a 300 strong royalist regiment of the Sealed Knot.

The Sealed Knot is a charitable society whose aim is to re enact battles, sieges and to bring to life the period around the English Civil war which occured during the 1640's.





Andy Tebbut second in command


As the largest re enactment society in europe we are constantly on the look out for new members to further our educational, charitable and social aims.

The Kings Lifeguard of Foote was originaly raised in the first few months of the civil war and was based at the King's wartime capital of Oxford, which meant that the soldiers of the Lifeguard generally spent the winter months there when not on active campaign.

The regiment fought in all the campaigns of the Oxford army, right up until Naseby in June 1645 where it was finally broken and many of its officers captured.

Originally recruited from Cheshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire it formed the backbone of the Oxford army and fought with distinction on several occasions. Battle honours include Edgehill 1642, first Newbury 1643, Cropredy bridge, Lostwithiel and the second Newbury 1644 and finally Naseby in 1645.

Our current re enactment regiment consists of 8 companies with our own company pulling mostly, though not all, its members from Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire areas.

Our principle arms being infantry comprising of shot, pike, artillery and musicians ably supported by our civillian non combatants who organise our Living History displays and support the troops on the battlefield.

Feel free to take a tour through our site and if you want to support the King's cause and enjoy a truly enjoyable pastime for all the family then we will be delighted to hear from you.

Yours in the cause

Major Christophe Bodkin

God Save The King.

The King's Lifeguard Regiment

Yarburgh Church, the burial place of Sir Henry Radley
James,one of our musketeers



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