Yarburgh church

Yarburgh Church the burial site for Sir Henry Radley 1590-1653

Sir Henry Radley joined up with the King in the summer of 1642, as part of the Kingslifeguard regiment he

joined up with other Lincolnshire gentry to lead his own company.

He took part in the first major battle of the Civil War at Edgehill, where he was captured.

Its is believed he was exchanged for prisoners in 1643 as he appears lodging in Oxford in The Old Quadrangle in the 'Chamb next ye hall dore'

He was still there at the end of 1643 as he had paid his lodgingd for the 4th quarter that covers the period from christmas 1643 to Lady day 1644.

On 17th April 1644 Charles 1 ordered Lorde Percy, General of the Ordanance to supply 30 muskets and Bandoliers and 12 pike for Radley's company.

These were received on 20th April, making the company about 50 strong including officers. He seems to dissappear from records at this point and only re emerges

when compunded to his estate and ordered to pay the fine of £450 (later reduced to £180)

He died in 1653 and was buried at Yarburgh church on 26th July.

(Source: Strangers in Oxford, Toynbee and Young)